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Forming Teams NOW!

Come to the Milwaukee Sports Complex THURS 11/7 – 11/14 –    11/21 –  12/5 or 12/12 to Tryout for a spot!  (5:30pm – 6:30pm)

Looking to compete in the State and SECL Leagues in Spring.   Last Spring 2019 they went to the Presidents Cup and were League Champs!  Planning another trip to Presidents Cup this Spring!

Interested players please attend at least one TRYOUT date and CLUB REGISTER your player for FREE.



Current Players – If you need to make changes or additions to your existing Demosphere profile or payment plan, please do so here using a computer.  Phone upgrades / versions often have an impact on online registration systems.

Click here to Register / Access / Create your Online Account

New Players:  Winter Indoor programs are starting to form.  These are separate programs where we organize by gender and merge birth years / skill levels.  We provide a variety of options at a set price to play all winter long.    Usually about $200 – $300,  Includes indoor gym practice time, futsal games, and indoor soccer games.

We communicate / organize by “BIRTH YEAR” and skill level, so in order to limit the back and forth emails, please always include your players birth year on all communication to us.  Turning 7 in the fall is great, but not good for us to provide you info.  🙁   BIRTH YEAR please.

If you want to sign up for INDOOR, please contact me @ [email protected]   I will set you up with the coach in charge of your birth year.

New Players signing up for FALL or SPRING Soccer:

  1. Create a Household account in Demosphere using the above link, and “Club Register” ($0) your players.  The “Club Register” option is a pull down choice that is open to all players.
  2. We will then contact you with questions, or email you a “Team Invite” to your specific team.   (example U11g Red).
  3. Once you receive the email Team Invite, click on ACCEPT to go back into the Demosphere system to complete registration.  There is no pull down option like in the first step above.  The Team Invite will be a pop up window on your screen that you need to ACCEPT in order to move forward.  Then you can make a payment for your player, (pay in full or set up a payment plan), upload your player photo, birth certificate, player# choices, etc…. The registration is a 2 step process in order to correctly identify your player in the system.

Any questions please let us know @ [email protected]

High Level Developmental and Select Soccer