We play in multiple Leagues:

Midwest Region  /  State  /  Select   /  Academy  /  Recreational

Midwest Region  –  The US Youth Soccer National League Midwest Conference (MRL) is one of 13 Conferences under the US Youth Soccer National Leagues Program in the Multi-State Tier. The Midwest Conference consists of teams primarily from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. The top teams in the Conference will earn advancement to the US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series, as well as a chance to earn a coveted spot in the National Tier of the Leagues Program, the US Youth Soccer National League.

State –  Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) –  State League (State) – Premier & First divisions 

Select –  Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) – Southeast Classic League (SECL) – Select A, Select B and Select C divisions

Academy  – Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) –  Youth Academy –  Academy A, and B  divisions

Recreational – MYRSL –  Metro Youth Region Soccer League of Wisconsin and WARS – Waukesha Area Soccer League

High Level Developmental and Select Soccer