Base Fees – 2024/25

  • 6U: (2019) =  $350
  • 7U: (2018) and 8U: (2017) =  $610*
  • 9U: (2016) and 10U: (2015) =  $770*
  • 11U: (2014) and 12U: (2013) =  $930*
  • 13U: (2012) and 14U: (2011) & 15U (2010) full season = $1130*
  • 15U: (2010) 16U: (2009) 17U: (2008) 18U: (2007) 19U: (2006) =  $830*

Recreational & Youth Academy

6U: Uniform (jersey, shorts, socks) included in price . Practices on Wednesdays, and games on Saturdays.  Season runs for 10wks in fall & 10wks in spring. Open registration limited to 6-8 players/team.  Separate gender teams when possible.  

7U – 10U:  Includes all Club Fees listed below. Practices 2 days a week for 10wks in fall & 10wks in spring. Games on weekends. 

Recreational / Select / State & US Youth Midwest Conference (MWC)

11U –> 14U: Full Season: Includes all Club Fees listed below. Practices 2-3 days a week for 12wks in fall & 12wks in spring. Games on weekends. 

15U: Full Season: Same details as full season 14U player. Half the 15U players are in 8th grade (other ½ in High School).  8th graders can plan on playing a full soccer season with “like-skilled” players. We add staff and fill in the teams with 14U players.

15U –> 19U: Half Season (High School players):   Includes Club Fees listed below, but with one included Tournament. Practices 2-3 days a week for 12wks in fall or 12wks in spring. Games on weekends. 


Club Fees:  a min of (2) Tournaments / League Registration(s) / Player Registration / Referee Fees / Assignor Fees / Coaches Fees / Admin Fees / Field Maintenance / Player Insurance /  Basic Goalkeeper Training / Team Equipment and Club House Team.

*Team Fees:  Academy / Select / State / US Youth Midwest Conference Regional (MWC) level teams may require additional Team Fees to be used for additional Coaching Fees, Multiple Leagues, additional Tournaments, College Showcases, MWC League Fees, MWC Site Fees, Turf Rental, Indoor Gym Rental, VEO Video, etc…

  • Girls Teams ($100 – $300) additional per season. 
  • Boys Teams ($80 – $150) additional per season. 
  • US Youth Midwest Conference additional ($200 – $400) per season.

Highest level teams are Red followed by White, Grey, and Blue. Recreational teams have no team fees.

Extra Goal Keeper Training:  (9U – 19U) Basic Goalkeeper training is included in Base fees, but we also offer specialized small group keeper training for an additional fee (approx $50 – $200 for 8 – 10 weeks) twice a year.  

Winter Training:  (7U – 19U) players have the opportunity to play/train all year long is available for an additional fee (approx $100 – $250 for 8-10 weeks)  

Half Season Player:   We also offer a ½ season to (U6 – U14) players on a limited basis. The Club commitment is still for the full Soccer Season.  If you are playing another sport and are only interested in participating in ½ the season, please ask us if it is possible. Cost is approx $100 more than ½ the cost noted above.  Any 1/2 season cost must be approved before signing up, and costs are to be paid in full and adjusted/credited mid-season. 

Uniforms:  (7U and up) are to be purchased separately.  Players will be able to reuse certain uniform pieces from year to year.  This year we will be requiring players to purchase a new RED Jersey. Full uniform set = $90 – $150.  Note: Jackets and bags are not required to be purchased.

Volunteer Fee:  there is a $50 Family Volunteer Opt-Out fee/year that you can pay upfront if you are not interested / or do not have time to help out during the season. 

Fundraiser:  We do not require any player fundraising.  If your player wishes to help out for HS Volunteer hours, please contact us during the year and we will find something for them to do.

Players will have the total cost identified in their team offer letter “Team Invite” email from Demosphere.