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Evaluations –> 7u – 10u

We will be holding  EVALUATIONS for ACADEMY Players for league play in the Fall 2024 !

Come to Polonia Park and meet our Coaches, Staff, and Players! You will see our pristine fields and our own private Club House! Your player will be joining in with our current players for practice. This open session is free of charge for you and your player to ask questions and see what Polonia is all about!

We develop quality soccer players in our family-like environment. We have some coaches that are “parent coaches” and we think that is a good thing. They are extremely dedicated to the team, and all are Trained, Experienced, Certified, and Licensed by the State of Wisconsin. All Coaches are previous players who have a passion for the game / Polonia. Inquire within as we may have an opening for you to coach at our Club. (The Club also reimburses coaches’ education costs)

At Evaluations, we’ll have folks there to help answer any questions you might have.  

WHO:  Players with birth years, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 – ( 7u / 8u / 9u / 10u) We group by gender, birth year, and skill level.

DATES:  ——- See Chart Below ——–

LOCATION:  Polonia Park: 10200 W. Loomis Rd, Franklin (Hwy 100 & Loomis)


WHAT TO DO:  All NEW players need to Pre-Register for “Evaluations”. Our practice waivers are part of the pre-registration. Any questions, email is our preferred method of communication. [email protected]

SIGN UP:  Click here to Sign Up ONLINE 

WHAT TO WEAR / BRING:  Wear your practice attire, with shin guards, long socks, cleats.  Bring a soccer ball and water bottle!!

If you want to sign up for Fall, please attend at least one of these sessions!

If the scheduled days and times don’t work for you, please email us and we’ll set up something else for you.  [email protected]

11u and up Players: Please attend the official “Tryouts” to be placed on a Fall team.   Details under EVENTS in the “Tryout” Tab on this website. Review now to see what the older Polonia players are up too!

6u Players: Online registration for Fall 2024 will be open (2019 birth years) in June 2024.

Hope to see you then!

WHATS NEXT: After or during Evaluations, you will receive a TEAM INVITE via email to your team. Please accept this invite by clicking on the link which will take you to the registration page in the Polonia Demosphere site. Here you can set up a payment plan, provide uniform # choices, add in a birth certificate, etc… This will be your team this coming Fall season.


Field Location: 10200 W. Loomis Rd Franklin, WI 53132

Polonia Soccer Park fields are still CLOSED.

When open, please do not park in wet areas, puddles, or on cones marking off soft areas.

Park left of the driveway or right along the right side of the road at a DIANGLE.

In season for games, fields open on Saturdays and Sundays (1 hour) before the first game of the day.

Determine Field Playability & Player Safety:
Determining the playability of an athletic field is crucial to the continued health of the grass and the sustainability of the field throughout the season. The field crew will close the soccer fields if the staff determines that the fields are too wet for play, or if other issues arise that would compromise player and spectator safety.
An athletic field should be considered CLOSED for play if any part of the field becomes unsafe for field users or if conditions exist where use will cause damage to the field.

  • An athletic field should be considered closed if any of the following conditions exist:
    • There is standing water present on any part of the field that cannot be removed without causing damage to the field.
    • There are muddy conditions present that will not dry by the start of the game.
    • While walking on the field water can be seen or heard with a footstep.
    • While walking on the field of play, any impression of your footprint is left on the surface

Note: Pending rain amounts, fields typically need several sunny and dry days to allow grass and underlying soil to dry out. The fields need to be cut and lined for field use.

REMEMBER: Standing water occurs because the ground is saturated. Removing standing water does not eliminate the saturation. It is the saturation and not standing water that causes damage and unsafe conditions.